Hatch is a 12-week online post-partum training program for athletic/strong mamas. Hatch uses a proven method that has been tested by real women and healthcare professionals, focused on training new mamas to return to the sport and training they love with a bulletproof mind and body.

The program not only focuses on physical training but also builds confidence and mental resilience. 

We are honest, inspiring and nurturing. We park the ego and talk from experience. Led by a physio and CrossFit mama who has been through it all, Hatch will support you to find confidence and strength again after giving birth.

My Story

Hi, I'm Kat, a CrossFit athlete and coach, a physiotherapist and, most importantly, a mama.

I created Hatch Athletic because there simply wasn't enough out there when I had my son. I was used to pushing hard and lifting heavy, and knew I needed something very comprehensive if I was going to return to my sport competitively with bulletproof pelvic health. 

There was no reliable, high-quality programme that offered training for the mind and body, so I decided to create it myself. 

I wanted to produce a science-based 12-week programme, that felt authentic and real in its approach and led by an athletic mama who has experienced it all. 

I know there's a whole community of women out there needing this so felt it was about time.

Hatch Athletic was born.