Hatch Athletic Rx+ Postpartum Program with pH Nutrition (one-time payment)

£579.00 GBP

Rx+ is a physio and dietitian-led 12 week program to bring you a fully comprehensive postpartum training and nutrition program designed specifically for athletic women. 


What's included:

  • 12-week physio-led online programming guaranteed to get you back to the barbell
  • 3 workouts a week, 3 active days a week.
  • 12-weeks of progressive nutrition coaching led by your dietician and nutrition-coach
  • 2 themed nutrition lessons each week
  • One-to-one on-boarding and second consult with each coach (that's 4 private consults)
  • Digital programming on your desktop, laptop, tablet or from a mobile app
  • 250+ workout videos
  • Coaching notes and movement tutorials
  • Modifications and advice based on your own journey: diastasis, c-section and prolapse
  • Tutorials on posture, diastasis, abdominal control, tempo
  • Unique Hatch WHISK app community and thousands of recipes
  • Nutrition tools, macro calculator, resources, ebooks and video lessons 
  • Discounts with our home equipment partners
  • 12 weeks of MINDSET content to support your motherhood journey
  • Buddy doing the program at the same time as you - for company and accountability
  • Checklists and emails to help you stay on track and make it happen 

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