We make athletic mamas strong again

We are a unique physio-led online postpartum training programme for strong mamas to return safely to high intensity fitness


The Programme

HATCH is a uniquely tailored training physio-led programme for mamas who love functional fitness.

Our¬†5* rated programme offers 12 weeks of research-based¬†progressive postpartum training for women who¬†love CrossFit¬ģ, HIIT, functional fitness or weightlifting.¬†

Gym or At Home

Juggling caring for your little one and can't break free?! HATCH is designed to be done from around 6 weeks postpartum and you can do it at home if needs be. There's minimal kit requirements too, so no excuses.

We Get It

HATCH is designed by a womens health physio, athlete, coach and mum of 2... so we're living it. The programming is trustworthy but also engaging, to meet the needs of that 'athletic' brain. It's also ever-evolving, in response to the very latest research.

Body and Mind

We support you in navigating new motherhood whilst training. We give you a buddy for accountability, mental health/mindset support and also a community of likeminded new mums. 


We'll let our athletes do the talking... 


Build the strongest foundation you've ever had and return to your sport with bulletproof pelvic health



A game-changer for athletes who:

  • Love training¬†3-5 times a week in a functional, CrossFit-style or¬†strength-training environment
  • And/or are familiar¬†with 'going-hard' regularly and loving that feeling
  • Are accustomed to pushing their bodies to new limits and seeing results
  • Identify as performance driven and competitive (not necessarily with others, but with themselves)
  • Are expecting a baby or have recently¬†given birth
  • You DO NOT need to be a high level athlete, you just need the mindset and the goal to get back into functional fitness

Happy Hatch Athletes

Grace Hall, Bodybuilder Powerlifter

"Every strong mama needs to do this postpartum program! The knowledge behind it all is extensive and you'll be in safe hands. Kat is lovely and offers so much more than a program with weekly emails about motherhood and the challenges it can hold. Thank you so much Kat, I feel confident again."

Amy Bennett, CrossFit Athlete

"Hatch was just what I was looking for. Desperate to get moving again but wanting to make sure I did it right, Hatch offered all the tools & resources so I didn't have to think about it. Trying to juggle 2 young kids, Kat's kind encouragement & the program structure helped me make time for myself." 

Magda Rotsztejn, CrossFit Athlete

"Hatch is a brilliantly designed and cleverly thought through programme. It's also an amazing community of fellow mommas to support on the lifelong postpartum journey. I couldn't be happier with this 12 week foundation to help me safely get back to Crossfit and competing locally again! "

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Hatch Athletic gives you...

  • Strength. Build the strongest foundation you've ever had, even before you were pregnant
  • Confidence. Return to your sport with bulletproof pelvic health
  • Knowledge. Learn about your own postpartum body and techniques to help you make your own autonomous decisions after graduating as a postpartum athlete
  • Resilience. Build confidence and mental resilience as a new mother
  • Mindset Coaching. Be guided, as a competitive mindset, through a very necessary healing process to ensure you can return to you sport fully and in the long term
  • Permission to be kind. We help you to love and nurture your new postpartum body
  • Support. A community to support you every step of the way
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Take a Tour

Get to know a bit more about what your 12-week programme will look and feel like by taking a sneak-peek into the programme portal with Kat


 A week as a Hatch Athlete...

3 Workout Days
3 Active Rest Days
1 Full Rest Day 

Workouts last between 40-60 mins and have three sections:

1. ENGAGE - pelvic floor, core and pilates-style work;

2. MOVE & BUILD - accessory strength pieces to complement the skills from the first part;

3. and REWARD - that's the hot, sweaty and endorphin based good-stuff we save for the end.

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What you need

  • To be cleared by your medical professional to resume gentle exercise - usually 6-8 wks postpartum
  • To visit a women's health physiotherapist prior to starting your program
  • If training at home: 2 light/red resistance bands, a small selection of dumbbells/kettlebells, a sandbag or weighted backpack, a large bedsheet, a firm couch and a broomstick (learn more about equipment requirements)

and...your head is READY to get back in the game

Are you ready? 

I'M READY (£289)

What you get

  • 12 week research-based physio-led 5* programming
  • Digital programming¬†on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile
  • 250+ workout videos
  • Step-by-step coaching notes and movement tutorials
  • Modifications and advice based on your own circumstances: diastasis, c-section delivery and prolapse
  • Video tutorials on postpartum posture, how to check your diastasis and assess your function
  • Simple nutrition guide and new mum food hacks
  • **NEW** 12 weeks membership to MAP Online mobility platform
  • 12 weeks of MINDSET content to support your motherhood journey
  • Discounts/special offers with our home equipment partners
  • Invitation to join private Facebook group to meet our growing community of likeminded mamas¬†
  • Buddy doing the program at the same time as you for company and accountability

Hi I'm Kat

A CrossFit athlete and coach, a physiotherapist and, most importantly a mama.

I created Hatch Athletic because there simply wasn't enough out there when I had my son. I was used to pushing hard and lifting heavy, and knew I needed something very comprehensive if I was going to return to my sport competitively with bulletproof pelvic health. There was no reliable, high-quality programme that offered training for the mind and body, so I decided to create it myself. 

I wanted to produce a science-based 12-week programme that felt authentic and real in its approach and led by an athletic mama who has experienced it all. 

Welcome to the community of Strong Mamas.

Hi I'm Hat

I'm the Sports Therapist and coach behind MAP Online. As part of your Hatch Athletic program, you now get 12 weeks complementary membership to MAP Online. I've even tagged the flows that are great for postpartum athletes to ensure your body is feeling in amazing shape during your postpartum training.

See, we think of everything! 

See for yourself... 


Common Questions

This Could Be You

Henni Melbourne, Darwin, Australia

"The best decision I made for my postpartum body was joining Hatch. The program not only gave me the knowledge and support I needed, but it was honestly the one thing that I looked forward to even when I was feeling down or stressed." 

Ursula Fasel, CrossFit Games Athlete 2017 & 2019, Switzerland

"I'm convinced this is the first step on the way back to regular CrossFit program, classes or even the competition floor"

Rhiannon Starling, CrossFit Llanelli Affiliate Co-Owner, Wales

"This program is ideal for any CrossFitting mother who considers herself an athlete! This isn't your usual wishy-washy program... this is structured and challenging, leading you back towards where you were pre-baby. This is exactly what the market was missing for CrossFit athletes."

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Join the HATCH ATHLETIC community of strong mamas
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Healthcare Approval

Hatch has been rigorously tested and approved by healthcare professionals around the world
Tracey Matthews BSc MCSP HCPC MPOGP MSK and Women's Health Physiotherapist, White Hart Clinic, UK

"Hatch Athletic is a breath of fresh air compared to other postpartum training programs. It’s developed for those who have trained in high level sport not just CrossFit. It’s a very clear and concise graduated guide to return to high level fitness. They have worked closely with women’s health physiotherapists to develop an outstanding program for athletic mums. I wish it had been out when I had my son."

Dr Brandi Cole PHD
Sport and Exercise Physician & Owner of Shire Sports Medicine, NSW, Australia

"Hatch Athletic is a wonderful resource for any female wishing to start or return to weightlifting, CrossFit or functional fitness after having a baby. The app is easy to follow, the program is well written and the demonstrations and advice are spot on. I’ll definitely be recommending this program to all my pregnant patients to help with their return to activity after their baby."

Hatch Athletic


Or two monthly instalments of £144.50

  • 12 week research-based physio-led 5* programming
  • Digital programming¬†on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile
  • 250+ workout videos
  • Coaching notes and movement tutorials
  • Modifications and advice based on your own journey: diastasis, c-section¬†and prolapse
  • Tutorials posture, how to assess your diastasis
  • Simple nutrition guide and new mum food hacks
  • Discounts with our home equipment partners
  • **NEW** 12 weeks membership to MAP Online mobility platform¬†
  • 12 weeks of MINDSET content to support your motherhood journey
  • Buddy doing the program at the same time as you - for company and accountability
  • BUY¬†POSTPARTUM TRAINING PROGRAMME (PAYMENT PLAN - two monthly payments) ¬£144.50
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