Hatch has been designed so you have options. You can do it at home, or in the gym. 

Gym Based

In an ideal world you'd do the program in the gym. The best results will be from having access to erg machines, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, wall balls, boxes and sleds etc. This is so we can get you back to CrossFit-style workouts and lifting: so you'll experience exposure to all the modalities you would do in a normal gym environment. 
HOWEVER! This is the real world. There's 1) Covid and 2) very normal new-mother commitments which can make getting to the gym difficult at the best of times. 
There are options you can do from home, with great results, with more minimal kit requirements.


At Home Minimal Kit Requirements

  • 2 light/red resistance bands
  • Wooden dowel/broomstick
  • Capacity to fabricate light, midweight and heavier "odd objects" from sandbags, weighted backpacks, etc, for common movements such as presses, carries, squats and deadlifts. Instructions on how to do this is included in your course materials 
  • Bench / box / solid couch for step ups, push ups, etc
  • Access to stairs
  • Large bedsheet and doorframe for rows and 'climbs'

Nice to Have's

  • 1 or ideally a pair of handweights, kettlebells or dumbbells that you can press overhead or lift from the floor (light and midweight incremental options)
  • Heavier sandball or sandbag for squat and deadlift programs
  • Medball/Wallball 
  • Jump rope for basic jump training later in the program

Buy Equipment

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