My Story





Hi, I'm Kat

I'm a womens health physio, CrossFit® athlete and coach, and most importantly, a mama to two wild little humans.

When I became pregnant with my first, I was at the peak of my fitness. I'd recently been to the European Championships as an individual, was training 6-8 times a week with some double-days. We'd very recently relocated to Australia. I was working hard, training hard and playing hard. 

To tell you the truth, pregnancy hit me like a brick wall. I was a performance driven individual who was used to getting results by making changes to my behaviour; be that training, diet or rest, or anything else for that matter. I lived life knowing that if I tried hard enough at something, that I'd see results. 

Pregnancy threw me curve balls that I didn't see coming. The first trimester saw me exhausted, practically unable to train and off my food (my two most favourite things) and yet everything out there was saying "keep training if you did so before" and "listen to your body." It was so conflicting and I felt so alone. 

As pregnancy progressed, new symptoms emerged and my training changed but there was no clear pathway for me to follow, and no community to support me. I felt sure I was making mistakes. 

And frankly there was NO advice out there for CrossFit® athletes or weightlifters. The pre and postnatal fitness advice out there for general populations was vast, but I knew my approach to fitness was different. I was "the in-between" - between general fitness and elite fitness. And that made me feel a bit vulnerable as a pregnant athlete. 

So I decided to create Hatch Athletic. Hatch is a resource, a community and your answer to increasing your confidence as an athletic mama. 

I have combined over 13 years clinical experience as a physiotherapist, and 4 years with a specialist interest in womens health, with my experience as a trainer, athlete and new-mum. Hatch is the product of deep collaboration, research and study alongside women's health physiotherapists and specialists in the UK and Australia. We have also worked closely with sports psychologists and we continue to develop and grow on a continuum. 

If you're anything like me, you need something trustworthy but also engaging. A programme that understands the nature of high intensity sport, but also the pregnant and postpartum body.

I so needed this during my journey, but now it's here for you. You're in the right place, and I’m so grateful that you’re here.