If only training in pregnancy came with an instruction manual

Love to train hard, frequently? Love to lift heavy tin? Used to hurting in workouts? Now you're pregnant, what do you do now? And where do you turn to for advice?

I'm Pregnant, Now What?!

Yep, there's loads of pregnancy fitness advice out there. Too much! But what about for those of us who do a bit more than just "fitness?" Where's the pregnancy advice out there for strong, highly skilled mamas who are used to pushing to red-line?

HATCH brings you this 3-part mini course uniquely designed for women who love high intensity functional fitness, HIIT, CrossFit-style training or weight-training before they were pregnant. 

We Get It

Your course is led by me, Kat: a physiotherapist; CrossFit coach; personal trainer; competitive athlete; and most importantly, a mum. When I became pregnant there wasn't anything out there specific to my sport, and I so, so needed it. And you do too!

Practical & Factual

The course contains as much research-based advice as there is available for our demographic - spaced over the three trimesters of pregnancy. Combined with input from womens health physiotherapists and trainers from around the world, the course offers no-nonsense, transparent, relevant and practical advice for uncomplicated pregnancies.

WANT (£89)

We'll let our pregnant athletes do the talking...


Become knowledgable, empowered and confident with your training throughout pregnancy 

NEED (£89)

A game-changer for athletes who:

  • Love training¬†3-5 times a week in a functional, CrossFit-style or¬†strength training environment
  • Are familiar¬†with 'going-hard' regularly and loving that feeling
  • Are accustomed to pushing their bodies to new limits and seeing results
  • Identify as performance driven and competitive (not necessarily with others, but with themselves)
  • Are pregnant or trying to conceive

Happy Hatch Athletes & Physios

Daisy Travers

CrossFit, Running & Swimming


"The mini-course gave me confidence and variety. It’s also been great to join a community of likeminded mums!"

 Melanie Hughes

CrossFit Athlete


"This mini-course empowered me. I feel 100% more excited about training now after gaining this knowledge."

 Grace Ferguson

OB/GYN, Athlete & Trainer


"As an ob/gyn I knew that working out was healthy and safe during pregnancy and postpartum, but as a CrossFit athlete and trainer I didn't know when or how to modify movements and most importantly, how to turn off that GO GO GO in my brain. I recommend it to all my active patients!"

 Madison Cutmore

Womens Health Physiotherapist


"Kat is thorough and her explanations help to educate and empower women. The content is easy to use and the strong focus on mental health is genius."

 Sharn Campbell

CrossFit Athlete


"A definite must for athletes from day 1 of discovering you're pregnant. Great information for each trimester that just isn't provided to the general pregnant population."

 Kimberley Houck Patel

CrossFit Athlete


"I wish I'd found this mini course as soon as I found out I was pregnant."

 Nicola Willis

Olympic Gymnast & Cirque du Soleil Artiste


"Thank you for making something specific to athletes and individuals who like to push a little harder in the gym than your average workout."

 Amy Nickle

CrossFit Athlete


"I wish I'd found it sooner...like three pregnancies ago! I gained a lot of valuable information and can't wait to share with friends."

Your Athletic Pregnancy Mini-Course 2.0 gives you...

  • Knowledge.¬†A solid understanding of the considerations needed¬†for your athletic pregnancy
  • Autonomy. Take the questioning away, by giving you the tools you need to make your own decisions
  • Confidence. Remove doubt or worries to empower you in your pregnancy training
  • Resilience.¬†Build mental resilience for your pregnancy journey
  • Understanding. Guide competitive¬†mindsets through¬†new thought patterns and strategies
  • Goals. Help you to plan your return to fitness postpartum
  • Extra Value. ¬£40 voucher towards our 12 week postpartum programme.¬†
TEACH ME (£89)
Get 22 tutorials divided into three modules - one for each trimester...

In this NEW AND IMPROVED video course Kat takes you on a tour of Your Athletic Pregnancy, broken into bite-sized topics for each trimester.

The lessons take between 5 and 15 minutes to watch, depending on the topic. Each tutorial contains practical and relevant advice you can apply to your stage of pregnancy right NOW. 

First Trimester: Setting your Intentions
  • Setting intentions and ground rules for pregnancy training
  • Calibrating mindset
  • Your pelvic floor
  • Exercise specific advice for the first trimester
  • Learning about exertion in pregnancy
  • And more
Second Trimester: Training with Knowledge
  • Connecting with the breath and your pelvic floor
  • Lifting in pregnancy
  • High impact in pregnancy
  • Diastasis
  • The importance of three-dimensional (3D) training
  • Stretching & Mobility
  • And more
Third Trimester: The Final Stretches
  • Core exercises for pregnancy
  • Exercises you’ll love in later pregnancy
  • Low Back, SIJ & Pelvic Girdle Pain
  • The big relax (and a little gift for you)
  • Fourth Trimester
  • Returning to training postpartum
  • And more
  • BONUS GIFT ON COMPLETION: coupon code to the value of ¬£40 which is redeemable against the Hatch Athletic 12-week postpartum programme.¬†
  • OPTION: upgrade to at the checkout and purchase a 1-to-1 zoom coaching call with¬†physio Kat
I'M IN (£89)

Hi I'm Kat

A physiotherapist with a special interest in women’s health, a CrossFit coach and personal trainer, a competitive athlete and, most importantly a mama.

I created Hatch Athletic because there simply wasn't enough out there when I had my son. I was used to pushing hard and lifting heavy, and knew I needed something very comprehensive if I was going to return to my sport competitively with bulletproof pelvic health. There was no reliable, high-quality resources out there that offered such specific advice and training for the mind and body, so I decided to create it myself. 

Welcome to the community of Strong Mamas.

Common Questions

Your Athletic Pregnancy Mini-Course 2.0


by Hatch Athletic

  • 22 mini video tutorials on topics that you need to know, split into three trimesters¬†
  • Transparent, relevant and practical training advice for athletic women
  • Accessible on the Kajabi app or on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile
  • Coupon code to the value of ¬£40¬†redeemable against the Hatch Athletic postpartum programme
  • Facebook group to meet and be supported by our growing community of likeminded athletic mamas
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