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A Unique Postpartum Training Program for Athletic Mamas

Hatch Athletic is a postpartum training program for women who love high intensity functional training.


Hatch offers 12 weeks of medically approved online training designed specifically for the gym-loving, CrossFitting or weight-shifting mama. It's created for athletic bodies and competitive minds.


Being a new mum is a wonderful but challenging time, and even more so if you were previously fit and active. Hatch gives you everything you will need to rehab safely, whilst keeping focussed on the end-game: returning to your sport with a bulletproof body.


I want to start by extending a warm welcome to you. I'm Kat, physio, CrossFit athlete and coach, and most importantly, a mama.

Women are fitter than ever before but we're still having babies! I created Hatch because a program like this was so needed in the world of high intensity sport. 

Hatch offers a system that's been approved by women's health physiotherapists and medical professionals all around the world, to bring you a program that is ideally suited for the healing postpartum body, the athletic body and the mind.

You need something trustworthy but also engaging. A program that understands the nature of high intensity sport, but also the postpartum body.

You're in the right place, and I’m so grateful that you’re here.


Hatch is designed for the fit mama for two reasons:


You're used to lifting heavier loads than the average mama. You're also likely to have a higher level of baseline fitness, which although you're postpartum, needs to be taken into consideration with your rehab. 


Programming for an athletic mama who is at one of the most physically and mentally vulnerable stages of her life takes a certain level of skill. You're in a unique position therefore you need a very unique program.

Hatch 'Athletic' is NOT exclusive to elite athletes. It simply means you're used to lifting weight - squatting, pressing and deadlifting with a barbell. You're used to functional fitness movements such as thrusters and cleans, snatches. You used to attend a gym 4-5 times prior to being pregnant, and are happy to commit to 3 active training days now you've had your bub.

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I would definitely recommend Hatch Athletic. The program is really well structured, building from a body check-in and builds to get a sweat on and get the endorphins flowing. Each exercise is well explained and the focus on the pelvic floor throughout really highlights Kat's unique experience and expertise as an athlete, physio and mum. Importantly, I have found it easy to fit the sessions into my week and it's building my confidence returning to exercise. 

-Lorna Taylor, Blitz CrossFit, UK

Healthcare Approval


Hatch is a comprehensive programme for new mums to safely return to exercise after having a baby. As a physio specialising in pre and postnatal rehab, I see women for postnatal checks to give them the all clear before returning to exercise. The CrossFit mammas are always eager to get back in the gym but returning to strength training too quickly can result in lifelong problems like prolapse. Kat's programme is invaluable! I send all my CrossFit mums to her. With a background in physio and CrossFit, and first hand experience of the postpartum process, she is the best person to safely guide athletic women back into exercise.

- Sophie Lax BSc (Hons), Women's & Pelvic Health Physiotherapist & Co-Owner of Unity Studios, New Zealand


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