Finally! A functional fitness training program for pregnancy 

The wait is over. At last - it's here.

This training program is for you if you're pregnant or if you coach pregnant women and you want expert programming for pregnancy in high intensity fitness environments.

No more scaling. No more scratching around adapting generic guidelines.

Workouts to keep you challenged and safe in pregnancy

This is one-of-a-kind physio-led  programming for functional fitness, CrossFit®, weightlifting and HIIT athletes for all stages of pregnancy. Designed to be used by athletes themselves, or for coaches/personal trainers of pregnant athletes. 


This could be you!

Reviews are already coming in...

"I'm approaching 6 month mark, I signed up for the 3rd trimester, I did my first workout today and LOVED it. I've been training HIIT for years so all pregnancy workouts I came across were super boring and I was becoming less motivated. Today feels like I've trained for the first time in months, it's a great feeling. Can't wait to train tomorrow!" Amy Sachon

Workouts at your fingertips for each trimester, designed by a women's health physio and CrossFit® coach


A game-changer for athletes, or coaches of athletes, who are:

  • Pregnant 
  • Love training 4-6 times a week in a functional, CrossFit-style or weightlifting gym environment
  • Familiar with 'going-hard' regularly and loving that feeling
  • Accustomed to pushing their bodies to new limits and seeing results
  • Identify as performance driven and competitive (not necessarily with others, but with themselves)

What You Get  

  • 30 unique functional fitness workouts for each trimester. That's 90 workouts in total

  • Workouts are 1hr-1.15mins and designed to do in a functional fitness gym space

  • Mobility, Strength, Accessory and sweaty Workout of the Day

  • Research-based, physio-led pregnancy-safe programming that is as current as you can get 

  • 250+ movement demo videos

  • Coaching notes specific to your own pregnancy

  • Resources area: education and advice on pregnancy training

  • All delivered from the easy to use mobile site or Kajabi app

  • Complementary access to MAP ONline Pregnancy mobility platform (worth £99)
  • Buy one trimester, or bundle  them for even more workouts

How does it work?

  • Non-progressive training.  Keeps you exceptionally fit, strong, mobile and safe in pregnancy
  • Let us do the work. A perfect solution if you're not wanting to think up workouts yourself or if you're getting bored from scaling things in the gym
  • Go autopilot. Do the workouts in order. Best option if you want to just follow a program and have fun. 
  • Use it to self-program. Search function is ideal for coaches and more autonomous athletes. Search for structures or movements you would like that day: i.e. squat, EMOM, mono-structural, gentle, challenge, etc.
  • It's your platform. 'Star" and re-do favourites. Add your own comments/ scores to your workouts

Common Questions

Hello, I'm Kat

a Women's Health Physiotherapist; CrossFit® coach, CrossFit® athlete and mama of two. I have combined 12 years of professional experience to bring you a pregnancy training program specific to functional fitness environments, which has - until now - been so under-provided for.

It has been my mission to give you very current, research-based pregnancy training that is actually applicable to the functional fitness training environment - which, let's face it, is a bit more specific training than your average gentle gym session. And the programming is designed to sing to your athlete brain too - to teach you when and where you'll need to tone it back a bit, but to keep you engaged and entertained throughout.

No more scaling. No more generic guidelines.

A pregnancy workout as a Hatch Athlete...

Warm Up/Mobility*
Workout of the Day
*MAP Online Pregnancy membership (worth up to $99)
  • Workouts last between 1hr-1.15 mins 
  • Designed to do in a gym environment
  • Squat, deadlift, pressing, pulling plus accessory work tailored to specific needs in pregnancy
  • Fun, sweaty, challenging, pregnancy-friendly WOD every time you train
  • Formats you'll recognise: EMOM, monostructural, AMRAP, couplets, modified Hero & CrossFit 'girls' workouts
  • With kit you love: kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, wall balls, box, etc
  • Pregnancy mobility programming included

Enjoy training through your whole pregnancy

Choose your pregnancy training program bundle below:

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Pregnancy Bundle


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